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  1. Dave Hall says:

    I recall back in 2012 when you were experimenting with your budding troubador skills…You’ve come a long way, Sir! (Obviously I’ll need to purchase your entire album from iTunes.)

    1. Stephen McPhilemy says:

      Thanks Dave, hard to believe almost a decade has passed since then! Remember that night in Kells pub in Seattle? They were good times. Hope to see you sometime soon once our world has returned to some normality 🙂

  2. Andi Cody says:

    I’ve only actually heard you sing at the RS reunions in Edmonds so I’m thrilled to be able to buy an entire album of your songs. My late husband’s entire family (all 4 grandparents, mother and father) , also from Donegal. We visited a few times. What beautiful country, and the people are so warm and welcoming. My family is from teeny tiny Horse and Jockey, CoTipperary, I think. I want to return as soon as I can. Have had all vaccinations so I’m ready!

    1. Stephen says:

      Cheers Andi! Thats very cool about the Donegal connection, and Horse & Jockey – what a spot and what a name! Ive driven through it a hundred times, and my friend Don Costello from Paddywagon had family roots there. Hope you’re well and lets hope we catch up at a Rick Steves reunion sometime soon!
      le meas/with respect
      Stephen McPhilemy
      Rick Steves Tours & Essential Ireland Tours

  3. Paul Gianino says:

    Stephen – Brilliant!!! Almost fell out of my chair when it appeared out of nowhere as a recommendation in my iTunes. I love the album! Great song (and poem) selections and performances. I remember guitars lying about in Milltown House, but did not see this coming.

    When your tour comes to Boston, my wife and I will be there!!

    Paul G.
    Sept 2018 RS Tour Alum

    1. Stephen says:

      Thanks a million Paul, thats very cool you found the album, hope you’re doing well in these wild times! Hopefully our paths will cross again soon, either in Ireland, New England or the Swiss Alps (or anywhere!!)
      Slainte/to your good health
      Stephen McPhilemy

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